The following trustees are all volunteers who give freely of their time for the betterment of this community facility:

Chairman & Trustee
Position Vacant

Treasurer & Trustee
Trudy Gust

Booking Secretary & Trustee
Carlie Goldsmith

Caretaker & Trustee
Steve Goldsmith

Louise (Lou) Dye

Lorraine Varney

Jacqueline Wood

Karly Gray

Anthony Robert (Bob) Gust


Trustee Responsibility

The Trustees will in future concentrate on our wonderful facilities and ensuring that we are offering the best we possibly can, taking account of changing needs and demands. Our role will not involve us in organising events. We are more than happy to offer our support for appropriate community events and will give the best encouragement that we can to individuals who wish to organise anything.


New Trustees and volunteers needed

The current committee is set out above. We have a very busy schedule and need other people to join us to help us develop the projects that we have planned. Specific areas of help are required for developing the following projects:
  • Church Room
  • Outdoor Activity Centre
The Village Hall and Recreation Park are a vital part of our community. If you could spare some of your time in helping to create an even stronger asset for the Village please contact any of the Trustees